Join the Server

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Joining the Server

Joining the server is easy - the video below explains how! Text instructions are further down the page. You will need to have bought Minecraft Java for PC first.

AT Launcher

The AT Launcher offers an easy way to install all the mods needed to enjoy playing on our server.

The launcher automatically installs the correct Java version and mods, so you just have to click and play!

Install steps:

  1. Download and install AT Launcher.
  2. Click 'Accounts' on the right-hand side and 'Login with Microsoft'. This will open a browser tab where you authorise AT Launcher and log in to your Microsoft account.
  3. Click 'Packs' on the right-hand side, 'Modrinth' on the left-hand side, and search for 'ArdaCraft'.
  4. Click 'New Instance' then 'Install' in the pop-up.
  5. Wait for it to download and install.
  6. Click 'Instances' on the right-hand side. ArdaCraft should now be available.
  7. Click 'Settings' and then 'Java/Minecraft'. Set the 'Maximum Memory/Ram' setting to at least 8,192MB - feel free to add more if you have more!
  8. Click 'Play', wait for it to load (this can take around 10 minutes) and then 'Join Server'.
  9. You only need to do this once - after it's been installed, you just need to open the AT Launcher and click 'Play' next to the ArdaCraft instance!