About the Server

ArdaCraft is a modded Minecraft server that is aiming to recreate the world of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. The server was started in early May of 2014, by Dags and Fornad. The server has since gotten the addition of modded blocks, many new members and builders, media attention, and a continuously thriving community.

Why use mods?

When building a world as diverse and complex as Middle-earth, a vast number of textures are required. We have decided to move to a modded server mainly due to Minecraft removing metadatas of blocks, which severely reduces the number of textures we can use. Vanilla Minecraft also lacks lots of the necessary things we would like to have for our server, and ultimately fails to improve the building aspect of Minecraft. Having a modded client/server allows us to have full control over what we can do with blocks, textures, and server features.

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