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Installing the modpack

We offer two ways to install and use the ArdaCraft modpack:
  • CurseForge Launcher - looking for a quick, easy way to join the server? This is the best option.
  • Manual - like to take a DIY approach to modding Minecraft? Download our mods and install them yourself.
  • Launcher

    The CurseForge launcher offers an easy way to install all the mods needed to enjoy playing on our server.

    The launcher automatically installs the correct Java version, Forge, and mods for you so you just have to install Optifine, then click and play!

    Install steps:

    1. Open the launcher.
    2. Click Minecraft on the left hand side.
    3. In the search bar search for ardacraft. Or, download the modpack here.
    4. The modpack should start downloading.
    6. Download Optifine here.
    7. Right click on the ArdaCraft modpack, select Open Folder, and drag and drop the mod file you just downloaded into your mods folder!
    8. Right click on the ArdaCraft modpack, select Profile Options, and untick 'Use System Memory Settings' and set the memory usage to at least around 6GB if you have it, if not more.
    9. Profile Options
    10. Click Play and join the server at


    This is not the recommended way to join the server, but if you are having troubles with the launcher, you can install everything yourself. This comes with all mods you can install via our launcher, you can pick and choose which ones you want to use with your install.

    How to self-install:

    1. Download and install Forge for 1.18.2. When prompted, select the client version.
    2. Forge Download

    3. Run the Forge profile in your Minecraft launcher, and keep Minecraft open.
    4. Forge Profile

    5. Download the ArdaCraft mod list for 1.18.2.
    6. From the Minecraft main menu, click ‘Options’, ‘Resource Packs’, and ‘Open Pack Folder’. This will open the folder where your Minecraft is installed. Go up one folder to the .minecraft folder, and you will see a folder called ‘mods’.
    7. Drag and drop the ArdaCraft mod list zip file into the mods folder. Right click on the zip file and unzip it. Your mods folder should now look something like this:
    8. Mod List

    9. Go back to the resource packs folder and drop these two zip files in there (do not unzip them!):

      Conquest Reforged Resource Pack

      AC Overlay

    10. Close Minecraft. You may want to assign more RAM at this stage:
    11. Adding RAM 1

      Adding RAM 2

      In this example, we're using 15GB of RAM. Then launch the game. This will launch Minecraft with the correct mods.

    12. When Minecraft is re-launched, it’s time to enable the resource packs. Go to your resource packs screen and set both the CR resource pack and the AC Overlay to be on the right hand side under ‘Selected’, like this:
    13. Resource Pack Order

    14. You're done! Access the server at