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Installing the modpack

We offer two ways to install and use the ArdaCraft modpack:
  • Launcher - looking for the premiere ArdaCraft modpack experience? Try our automated Launcher
  • Manual - like to take a DIY approach to modding Minecraft? Download our mods and install them yourself
  • Launcher

    This is the primary way to install the modpack. The launcher allows for full control of mods, and allows users to pick optional mods they may want to have.

    How to use the launcher:

    1. Run your downloaded launcher You may get a message that says this is not a trusted program, run it anyway.
      • Note that the ArdaCraft Launcher will default install to a folder called ArdaCraft Launcher in your C:\Users\%yourusername\Documents folder.
    2. Once it is installed, select the Modpack which you prefer. The ArdaCraft Modpack 1.12.2 pack is the preferred version as highlighted below. The Conquest Reforged versions do not include the ArdaCraft Resourcepack, so if you plan on joining the ArdaCraft server be sure to pick one of the ArdaCraft Modpacks.

    alt text

    1. Log in with your Minecraft account. This process uses the Mojang authentication service and we do not see any of your information.
    2. You will be given a screen showing optional mods that are in the pack. None of these mods are required to join the server and you may install mods as you wish.

    alt text

    1. The launcher may take serveral minutes to download all the needed files depending on your connection.
    2. Once everything is installed Minecraft will start. Your game may freeze on startup and you may have a (not responding) message, this is normal just let it load.
    3. You now have everything you need to join the server. The IP is and you can view other conquest servers with the arrow on the right hand side of the Multiplayer page.


    This is not the recommended way to join the server, but if you are having troubles with either of the two options above, you can install everything yourself. This only comes with the necessary mods to join the server, and does not have the optional mods the launcher comes with.

    How to self-install:

    1. First install Forge for Minecraft 1.12.2.
    2. Run Minecraft with the Forge profile enabled.
    3. Download Conquest Reforged here
    4. Put the ConquestReforged-mc1.12.2.jar in your Minecraft's mods folder.
    5. Download Optifine for 1.12.2 here.
    6. Put the OptiFine_1.12.2.jar into your Minecraft's mods folder.
    7. Download the ArdaCraft Resource Pack here as well as the Conquest Resource Pack here and put them in your resourcepacks folder.
    8. Once you are on the main menu screen, go to Options then Resource Packs... and move the file above the Conquest
      • This is what your Resource Packs page should look like:

    alt text

    1. You now have everything you need to join the server. The IP is