common questions

How do I get online?

You need to install the modpack, instructions and a download for which can be found on the modpack page. There is no whitelist requirement, so you can then join the server at mc.ardacraft.me.

How can I help build?

After exploring the server, you may feel that you'd like to help with the construction of this world. The application for the Builder rank can be found here.

I have another question.

Make sure you've read the New Player and Project Workflow guides in the guide section thoroughly. If they still don't answer your question, you should either make a thread on the forums, or send a PM to an admin or moderator.

The Map

common questions about our map

How long have you been working on this map?

Work began in WorldPainter on the map's terrain in mid-2013, and building began in November 2014.

What is the map's scale? How large is it?

We are working at a scale of 1:58. When completed, the map will be roughly 50'000 by 45'000 blocks large, or 2'250 square km - roughly the size of Dorset in England.

When is the map set?

The map is set in the early autumn of 3006 of the Third Age, or 1406 by the Shire-reckoning. In terms of the narrative of the Lord of the Rings, it is set five years after Bilbo leaves the Shire, but twelve years before Frodo sets out for Bree.

Why isn't the map 1:1?

Middle-earth is about the same size as continental Europe. The work required would take a lifetime, and the terrain wouldn't work given Minecraft's 256-block height. At 1:58, we feel we are striking a good balance between scale and pragmatism.


what are the ranks?


The rank which all new users will start with. Guests cannot build, though they can fly, warp and teleport to other players.


This rank currently cannot be applied for. Users who have this rank are involved with the development of the server, whether that be the resourcepack, plugins, or server management.


Users who have this rank have sucessfully applied for it, and is for newer builders who need to learn and understand how we build.


Users who have this rank have sucessfully applied for it, and have access to Creative mode only.


This rank cannot be applied for, since users who have this rank are selected by the admins - though typically a player will be promoted to this rank once they have led a project to completion. Builder+ have access to VoxelSniper and WorldEdit.


This rank also cannot be applied for. Overseers are essentially sub-admins and are the most trusted and dedicated members of the server.


This rank is held by Fornad (the founder of the project and project leader) and Freshmilkymilk (the project's host and technical admin).