Rules & Code of Conduct


ArdaCraft strives to provide its community with the foundations for the most enjoyable and best creative experience possible. It is the community itself that will ultimately help us realise that potential. We ask all members of our community to conduct themselves according to our one simple rule:

The Golden Rule

Don't act in a way that is detrimental towards the server - This includes, but is not limited to, acts of: harassment, griefing and trolling. The interpretation of this rule is at the discretion of ArdaCraft's moderators.

Expanding on the Golden Rule: ArdaCraft Code of Conduct

All members will maintain civility to each other.

Arguments happen, we know, but keep them out of public chat. If you absolutely have to argue, use DMs and remember - the person on the other end is human too, and text is very easy to take the wrong way. If you have an issue with another server member, do your best to work it out privately with one another. Not everyone has to be best friends, but civility among all members is expected. If you cannot work it out, please take a step back rather than escalate the situation. If needed, contact an Overseer to help you sort things out.

Remember - you represent the server.

Everything you say on Discord or the server itself means that if you do something bad, it reflects badly on each and every one of us. We're targeting rude or abusive behaviour with this, rather than silliness and the constructive criticism necessary to maintain our high standards of building.

No sexism, racism, religious, political condemnation or other slurs.

ArdaCraft is a server primarily aimed at older teens and adults, and as such swearing is allowed on our Discord and server chat. However, no messages or content containing serious racism, sexism, political or religious condemnation, or other unfortunate slurs will be tolerated.

If any server member wishes to bring up something offensive from a chat, make sure you get a screenshot.

Please let us know of long absences when possible

If you are away without notice for an extended period, you will be demoted to apprentice rank as we try to keep the membership list up to date. Letting us know if you'll be away helps us keep track of things, and more importantly, keep you at your earned rank. This does not apply to Discord activity, and should you return you will be promoted again. Depending on the length of absence, you may be required to build something to show you’re still up to our standards of building.

Of course, if you don't think you'll be coming back, it helps to let us know that, too.


First, if it's something simple or small or a first-time mistake, we'll ask people to stop, take a breath, re-read the Code of Conduct, and try to settle things if we can. If it's something more serious, something that has affected many people, or if someone repeatedly breaks the Code of Conduct we'll call the people involved into a DM with one or more Overseers, and we'll talk about the problem and how it can be solved.

If the solution we all agree upon is not followed, however, then we'll revisit the issue again, and put harsher measures into play. This could be a one-strike-and-you're-out probation.

In extreme cases, when we feel there's no way to come to an agreement that everyone's happy with, we'll ask that person to leave the server. It's a shame when that has to be done, and it'll only be done when we feel that it's best for all concerned.